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The United States Department of Defense tested HJ3-backed technology to wrap a structure in carbon fiber and test it’s strength against a violent explosion.
HJ3 conducted testing to demonstrate the performance of the BlastSeal™ System. Two un-reinforced concrete masonry walls were constructed within a larger containment structure. Bldod blast test - beforeastSeal™ was applied to the interior and exterior of the right side.
Detonation of explosive created a crater that was approximately 108 inches in diameter with a maximum depth of 21 inches. The control wall was completely destroyed.BlastSeal™ Retrofitted wall remained intact, and no debris of any kind was found in the interior space behind the retrofitted wall.dod blast test - after
Maximum pressure exerted on the exterior face of each wall was 178 psi; sensor located in the interior space behind the retrofitted wall recorded a peak pressure of 1.46

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