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Basempartially-below-grade-bowing-wall-repair-01ents in New Jersey are typically built below or partially below the ground floor. In this residence, the partially below grade basement had a sloped lawn that, when saturated, exerted additional force on the foundation wall.  By repairing and reinforcing the bowing wall, HJ3’s certified Stronghold installer was able to save the homeowner more than 80{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d} compared to wall replacement.


Design Scope

Heavy rains had saturated the ground, causing water to collect at the base of the foundation wall. The pressure of the soil and water was more than the basement wall could withstand and it began to bow. Some cracking occurred as the wall bowed and resulted in minor leaking. The homeowner wanted a quick and stable repair solution.

Bowed, cracked and leaking basement wall



The interior surface of the wall was prepared with a mechanical grinder to remove all paint and any loose concrete. It was then cleaned to remove any remaining dust or oils. The wall was primed in the prepared areas and the pre-cut StrongHold™ carbon fiber strips were saturated with StrongHold resin and installed on the wall.


The surface of the bowing wall was prepared before installing the StrongHold basement system


The StrongHold fabric strips were saturated and applied to the bowing wall
The bowing wall repair was completed in 2 days by the StrongHold Certified installer, saving the homeowner 80{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d} compared to wall replacement


HJ3’s StrongHold certified installer was able to complete the entire installation process within two days. The homeowner saved more than 65{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d} compared to steel tie-backs and more than 80{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d} compared to total replacement of the basement wall. The installer was able to save on labor costs while getting more jobs done that week in much less time.


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