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  • Client: Industrial
  • Location: Alaska

Process Vapor Line Repair

An ASTM A106 – Grade B steel vapor line header at this oil refinery had become corroded both internally and externally, resulting in through holes and a decrease in hoop strength throughout the entire structure.

  • Corrosion led to the loss of steel, causing through holes in the 20” pipe
  • The header was connected to a 42” diameter pipe, also needing reinforcement
  • The repair needed to be completed while insuring the internal pipe process did not ingress oxygen, in order to avoid possible combustion
  • Surface was cleaned to white metal using mechanical hand tools
  • A chemical-resistant base coat was used due to constant chemical exposure
  • After patching and priming, carbon fiber was saturated and wrapped around the exterior » A chemical resistant topcoat was applied, protecting the system
  • HJ3’s CarbonSealTM system saved the client more than $300,000 over replacement
  • No hot work permits or welding were required, and the pipe was repaired with no downtime!