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 Biltmore Fashion Park Garage Concrete Staircase
 Water Penetration to Concrete Through Poor Sealing
 Cracked and Spalling Concrete
HJ3 Carbon Fiber Installed
 Completed Carbon Fiber Installation

Commercial Staircase Repaired with HJ3® Carbon Fiber

In this commercial structural repair, a concrete staircase was reinforced using HJ3’s carbon fiber repair system. The damaged staircase is located at the Biltmore Fashion Park garage in Phoenix, AZ. Due to water intrusion from a poorly installed sealant around the glass rails of the staircase, the concrete had suffered extensive cracking. Arizona Repair Masons, Inc., the Concrete Repair Specialist, was hired for the repair.


Each of the three staircase levels were experiencing concrete cracking, both on the interior and exterior of the landing. In some areas the cracking was severe enough to cause spalling, where the concrete started to flake off.

With the outer side of the channel the glass railing was setting in breaking away, the structural integrity of the entire staircase was threatened. An additional safety issue was the falling concrete, which could injure shoppers below.


The substrate was cleaned and the cracks injected with an epoxy. The exposed steel rebar was cleaned and the concrete patched with a repair mortar. HJ3’s carbon fiber was installed on both the inside and outside of the landing, replacing any strength that was lost due to the corroded rebar. After curing, the carbon fiber was covered with a layer of stucco and painted to match the rest of the staircase.


The entire repair saved the client time and money vs. replacement of the staircase. Other repair alternatives would have required more time and labor, and would not have been as aesthetically pleasing.

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