HQ Address: 2440 West Majestic Park Way, Tucson, AZ 85705

About HJ3

HJ3 has a well-earned reputation among its global, Fortune 500 clients as a problem-solving partner that uses its industry agility and uncommon speed to provide solutions, fast. HJ3 carries its integrity, its grit and its relationship-first approach in its front pocket and never compromises when it comes to quality.

For more than a decade, HJ3 has become known for providing same-day engineering, same-day shipments and online training to help clients in the pulp and paper, oil, gas, water and wastewater, mining and power generation industries implement next-day solutions designed to last longer.

At HJ3, we build stronger bonds with our products and our relationships.

About Us Page

We’re There Through Repair

We can be a quick and lasting solution. We don’t have to be one or the other. At HJ3, we take pride in our speed-to-solution approach while remaining committed to a client relationship all the way through a project’s completion.

HJ3 Values

Act with Grit

People who act with grit exhibit perseverance of effort combined with great passion to accomplish long-term goals.


To be relationship first is to focus on peoples’ satisfaction, motivation and general wellbeing.

Be All-In

Being all-in is a willingness to give freely all of one’s efforts and resources to accomplish HJ3’s shared goals.

Act with Ingenuity

Approach all situations with curiosity and openness to understand explicit needs and solve problems in a clever way.


Each interaction is an opportunity to model the company’s values and standards regardless of authority.