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When Less is More

When it comes to carbon fiber applications for structural repair and reinforcement, less is more. HJ3’s repair systems can be installed more quickly and with less material than leading competitors. This translates to little to no down time, less manpower required, and more savings for our clients.

Why can HJ3’s carbon fiber systems be installed faster and with less material than competitors? The systems are stronger. Period. For example, the chart below demonstrates the strength of HJ3’s carbon system in comparison to a leading competitor during a recent bid on a slab and beam-strengthening project for a metropolitan sewer district. The district had an approved supplier’s material specifications in place when opening up the bid to others’ comparable systems. Two additional companies bid the job, including HJ3.

Comparing the material properties and tensile strength of one layer of carbon fabric in pounds per square inch width (PSI), HJ3′s material is 34{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d} stronger than the leading competitor. Based on equivalent design specifications, HJ3 is not only approved as equivalent, but the engineer recognized that less CF-516 was required to meet his design parameters for the repair. This difference allowed HJ3′s certified contractor to bid the installation of 8-inch (vs. 10-inch wide material from our competitor), and 6-inch (vs. 8-inch wide material from our competitor). In addition to less material needed, the decrease in material width decreases surface preparation and overall material usage and labor, giving our contractor a significant advantage to win the job!

HJ3′s carbon fiber repair systems are not only used for beam and slab repair, they are also used for the repair, reinforcement and seismic retrofitting of commercial and industrial structures. These include bridges, commercial buildings, agricultural silos, steel and concrete tanks, steel pipes and PCCP, and manholes to name a few. In addition to saving time and money vs. replacement, carbon fiber is non-corrosive, so no future maintenance is needed.

More than ever the further your dollars can take you today, the better. When individual companies or the state and the federal governments can spend less to help fix structures desperately in need of repair, the more work that can be done with a given budget. For more information on how HJ3′s repair systems can work for you, or if you would like information on becoming a certified installer, please contact us at 1-877-303-0453 or at info@hj3.com.