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What Does It Cost To Repair A Sewage Line

Sewer line replacement cost can be upwards of $12,000 to $15,000 or even more in some cases. Repairs to an existing line can range from $25 a foot to $75 a foot. Naturally, sewer line repair is much more favorable due to the significant cost savings. In most cases there is no need to completely replace a sewer line as you can generally have it repaired via a variety of sewer line repair methods. There are also several different factors that can affect the total sewer line repair costs.
Some factors that can increase your costs include:

  • Trees, stumps, or roots that may be blocking access to your lines
  • Utility lines or gas lines that are located very close to your sewage lines
  • Proximity to paved roads, foundations, or other permanent structures
  • How extensive the damage is


Procrastination Can Lead To Costly Replacements

If you have or suspect that you may have damaged sewer lines, you don’t want to put off repairs. The longer you wait the worse the damage to the sewer lines will become, potentially damaging property and increasing sewer line repair costs.

The Long Lasting Solution to Sewer Line Repair

HJ3’s proven solutions using their CarbonSealTM system will not only repair the sewer line damage without having to replace your lines, but also prevent further issues for many years to come. As you can see, sewer line replacement costs can be quite steep and should be avoided by taking advantage of affordable sewer line repair.

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