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Same Day Service

Your application is HJ3’s top priority. We will provide you same-day engineering calculations, and same-day shipment of the products you need to complete your repair. HJ3’s products can extend the life of your structure with little to no downtime, while minimizing the environmental impact associated with the replacement of structures.

+ 30 years

Extend the life of your critical assets by 30 years.

– 80%

Reduce 80% of the cost associated with replacement.

– 95%

Reduce 95% of the environmental impact associated with replacing critical assets.

20 Years of Application History

For more than 20 years, we have become the leading provider of composite strengthening systems to heavy industry and large commercial projects supporting Fortune 500 companies, cities and the nation’s largest general contractors.


Day-to-day operations, corrosion, and mechanical damage plague critical piping, tank, and concrete infrastructure assets in process facilities globally. HJ3 offers code compliant, durable, engineered repair solutions that restore strength to critical assets with virtually no downtime.

  • Steel Tanks
  • Steel Pipes
  • Silos
  • General Concrete Repair
  • Manholes
  • Primary & Secondary Containment
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The worlds’ crumbling infrastructure continues to degrade due to a lack of spending to support maintenance and upkeep. HJ3 provides structural strengthening systems to bridge the spending gap and extend the life of structures by 30 years.

  • Seismic Strengthening
  • Bridges and Overpasses
  • Waterfront Pilings and Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Historical Restorations and Change of Use
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