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Bridge your Spending Gap

According to the Urban Land Institute, owners lack sufficient funding to replace the world’s corroding infrastructure, creating a spending gap. HJ3 bridges the spending gap with innovative composite technologies, by creating 80% cost savings over replacement and traditional repairs, allowing owners to extend the life of their structures by up to 30 years. The benefits of HJ3’s Civil products include:

  • Stronger than steel
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Add minimal mass to the structure
  • Corrosion-resistant and chemical resistant
  • Code compliant with over 20+ years of large-scale testing
  • 20,000 hours of product durability tests
  • Over 1,000,000 unique installations completed worldwide

Getting Started

HJ3’s engineering team has a combined 100 years of experience designing composites into civil applications. This includes forensic engineers who can evaluate structural issues and work side by side with our design engineers to develop specific solutions for your application.

Civil Applications

HJ3 provides StrongHold™, a structural strengthening system for civil, commercial and transportation applications including corrosion repairs, change of use applications, historical retrofits, seismic retrofits and issues of construction defects.

In seismic zones across the world, building owners need a cost-effective solution that can quickly strengthen their buildings to meet new seismic standards. HJ3 provides free preliminary engineering solutions to the engineer of record or building owner to determine the feasibility of using composites. Once specified, HJ3 systems are installed in weeks instead of months to reinforce structures. These systems weigh less than 4 ounces per square foot, adding minimal weight to the building and saving clients the cost of upgrading foundations to accommodate steel or shot-crete alternatives.

HJ3 has re-invented the structural strengthening of concrete, steel and wood pilings. Unlike pre-formed fiberglass jackets that create a form around the piling in which concrete can be poured, HJ3’s StrongHold™ SubSea binds directly to the piling, allowing true confinement and strengthening. Systems are saturated on-site, and easily installed by divers, saving significant project time over traditional methods. Finally, StrongHold Sub-Sea can protect pilings against saltwater corrosion and impact.

Many cities and developers encounter difficult issues maintaining the historical heritage and aesthetics of older buildings while also meeting new building codes. Patented in 1997, HJ3 utilizes several composite systems that offer structural strengthening with minimal impact to these buildings. Having completed hundreds of these applications, HJ3 engineers can leverage their expertise to help architects utilize the composite systems while mitigating the impact to the aesthetics of the building – including translucent StrongHold™ strengthening systems for brick masonry structures.

In the U.S. alone, there are over 1,000,000 bridges and overpasses deemed structurally deficient. HJ3 offers composite strengthening systems to fully restore the concrete and strengthen the structural member back to its original design strength. These repairs allow Departments of Transportation to extend the lives of these structures by 30 years without having to replace them.

Perhaps the most damaged structures in the civil market, parking garages are exposed to the rain, snow and chemicals used to de-ice surfaces.  HJ3 provides StrongHold™ composite systems that can fully restore these structures without having to add additional columns or expand the size of current columns to overcome their steel loss. Systems are cost-effective and engineering can be provided within 1 to 2 days.

Case Studies

See how HJ3’s General Repair and Civil Division has helped organizations just like yours.

Civil Products

HJ3 engineered civil products secures infrastructure through crack repairs, corrosion repairs, seismic strengthening and increased load capacity.

  • StrongHold™: Concrete General Repair
  • StrongHold™ – SubSea: Underwater Piling Wraps
  • GlassSeal™ MCU
  • FireSeal™: Intumescent Fireproofing, Flame & Smoke Resistance
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