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CarbonSeal Carbon Fiber May Be Used Internally of For External PCCP Repairs
CarbonSeal Wrapped PCCP

Job Creation a By-product of Infrastructure Repair

Not only is infrastructure repair needed in the United States, but it would contribute to job creation. According to The International Business Times, one of the reasons the United States has not seen an increase in employment numbers is because there is no demand coming from consumers. Many businesses have less customers, because more and more of their customers are out of work. The article sites The New Deal stimulus that occurred during Roosevelt’s years after the Great Depression, and compares his actions to those of America today.

Whether the New Deal was a good idea or not, and whether the current stimulus was positive for the United States can be argued from many perspectives. What is true, is that increased demand can lead to increased growth. Creating public works projects and dedicating some of these projects to infrastructure repair is a valid idea. Furthermore, no one wants to see our nation’s bridges crumbling, possibly risking innocent lives. Our nation’s water and sewer systems are in need of repair. The infrastructure is rapidly aging, causing billions of gallons of water loss, disease outbreaks, and property damage. Overall, In its 2009 Report Card of America’s Infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) graded U.S. infrastructure at a “D minus”.

What many don’t realize is that repairing the United States’ crumbling infrastructure does not mean the entire system needs to be replaced. If we had the funds to do this, it would not be an issue. But there is a serious spending gap in the monies needed for repair and the monies available. Certain tools are available that will allow the government, as well as private corporations, to get more bang for their buck when it comes to repairs. Carbon fiber for instance, often saves the end user 50{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d} when compared to replacement.

One example of an HJ3 carbon fiber repair job involved strengthening 5′ diameter PCCP pipe, which was responsible for transporting water in El Paso, TX.

Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) is the most widely used type of concrete pressure pipe for the transport of water and wastewater in the United States and the world. In this specific case, a water utility plant required internal strengthening of its PCCP as nearly half of the Pre-Stressing steel wires needed to handle internal pressure of the pipe, had corroded and snapped. HJ3’s CarbonSeal™ repair system was used to repair the pipe. The approximate cost savings vs. replacement of the PCCP altogether was 50{f00316eaeff19fc4d3daa6454136ee4db9a0ad1868aa2a79e58a2db09827821d}.

The U.S. infrastructure crisis is estimated to be a $2.2 trillion dollar problem – and growing. If two jobs like this CarbonSeal job could occur for the price of one, the amount of repair that the U.S. could accomplish and the number of jobs this could create is pretty incredible.