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Mining facility concrete and steel repairs.

Over 60 years of salt mining had deteriorated this facility which required concrete and steel repairs. Walls, columns, beams and secondary members had significant efflorescence, spalling, steel loss and structural degradation.

Concrete and steel repairs
Walls, columns, beams and secondary members showing damage from the environment.

Interior of mine showing significant efflorescence, spalling, and structural degradation.
Significant efflorescence, spalling, steel loss and structural degradation
The facility, located near Lake Huron, is susceptible to severe lake storms creating excessive moisture and extreme cold. The salt production environment causes significant chloride ion migration, rebar swelling/popping
and subsequent concrete spalling.

CarbonSeal carbon fiber on beams and slabs.
This image shows CarbonSeal carbon fiber with topcoat, and before topcoat application.

CarbonSeal system installation with topcoat applied to beams, slabs and walls.
The finished CarbonSeal system installation with topcoat applied to beams, slabs and walls.
HJ3 engineered a composite fiber system to replace the lost tensile strength and shear reinforcement in the external wall, targeted columns, and internal supports. The CarbonSeal™ repair restored the strength of the facility, repairing and strengthening 9,800 sq ft surface area with 20,000sq ft of carbon fiber, extending its life by up to 30 years.
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