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Materials Used Can Affect The Pipe Lifetime

Good quality new sewer piping should last up to 100 years, but not all sewer pipes are created the same. Older sewer pipes are made out of a variety of materials, and some last longer than others. Clay, steel, and tile piping are other popular materials that have been used in the past. If your sewer was constructed before 1980 there is a good chance that you have clay sewage pipes.

Cause of Sewer Pipe Cracks or Breaks

There are quite a few different reasons that can cause cracked sewer pipes or broken sewer pipe lines including the material used to create the sewer pipe, environmental influences and other factors.
Some factors that can cause cracked sewer pipes are:

  • Age. Some materials, like clay, simply break down over time and rot away.
  • Tree roots will grow towards a water source and force their way right through little cracks in your lines. Over time they can block the water flow and cause small cracks to become much larger.
  • Environmental factors can cause the earth to shift putting stress on your pipes that may eventually cause them to collapse.


Repairing Cracked Sewer Pipes is Imperative To Prevent Extensive Damages

When you suspect damage or leaks to your sewer lines it is important to act quickly to have them repaired. Left alone a sewage leak will become a health hazard and can cause a nasty mess. Buildings and structures can be damaged as well.

HJ3 provides proven solutions to repair and prevent further damage. Their CarbonSealTM systems will prevent corrosion and can prevent future repairs.