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HJ3 on Discovery Channel’s Smash Lab

Carbon Fiber Protects Against Natural Disasters

The 2012 tornado season began early this year, with twisters already blamed for 63 deaths in the Midwest and South. Since 2011 was the deadliest tornado season in nearly a century, there is concern that this year could be a repeat of last year, where some 550 lives were lost.

In addition to costing lives, the monetary cost of these disasters has risen over the last decade. As the number of of major disasters each year has risen steadily, including tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, so does the relief spending. According to Reuters , last year alone, the U.S. spent $13 Billion on disaster relief. With hurricane season around the corner, it never hurts to be too prepared when trying to protect homes and commercial structures.

HJ3’s carbon fiber systems for structural reinforcement were recently tested by the Discovery Channel’s SmashLab team. The crew is comprised of engineers who take on everyday technology and apply it in revolutionary new ways.

During this particular experiment, the SmashLab team set out to test HJ3’s carbon fiber’s ability to protect a mobile home against category 5 hurricane winds.

The tensile strength of HJ3’s composite system completely held the home together in category 5 hurricane conditions, which have sustained winds of at least 156 mph.

The SmashLab team may consider this to be an extreme use of HJ3’s product. However, this is a very realistic demonstration of the benefits HJ3’s carbon fiber solutions offer against the current infrastructure crisis. Beyond protecting homes against natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, carbon fiber has the ability to repair and reinforce basements, commercial buildings, bridges, transmission pipelines and other various infrastructure that is beyond its life expectancy or has been structurally damaged. To learn more about HJ3’s carbon fiber applications, please contact us at info@hj3.com, or Toll-free (U.S.) at 1-877-303-0453.